Developing and innovative, keep the “ultimate" road

Release date:2017-12-06Browse times: 前次information sources:CSG Hangzhou New YuHong

2017, is the significance for Hangzhou New Yuhong Machinery Co., Ltd., This year, New yuhong, keep  he "ultimate" road; this year, New Yuhong from the production of automatic sanitary napkin machine, baby and adult diaper machine in the expansion; in this year, New Yuhong and CSG Smart science & Technology Co., Ltd. joint venture to develop Smart Factory, opened a new chapter for the New Yuhong.

Insist on self-development innovation, machine will be the ultimate

As the original military enterprises in Hangzhou NewYuhong Machinery Co., Ltd., has strong technical force and excellent management. "We always adhere to the concept of localization of machinery and equipment" New Yuhong, executive vice president of general manager of Lu Bing introduced to reporters, in 1988, New Yuhong worked on the sanitary napkin machine’s domestic development, and is the company who earlier export of women's sanitary napkin production line .

The beginning of the founding of New Yuhong, is the time of the development of China's sanitary products industry, the sanitary napkin manufacturing enterprises in China blossomed into full blossom. It is urgent for domestic manufacturers to have the R & D capability and qualification of production equipment. At this time, New Yuhong, deputy general manager Sun Xiaohong and others think: "China's hygiene products want to develop, to ensure product quality is fundamental, and production equipment is the most critical."

As a result, develop the domestic equipment, make machine to ultimate, New Yuhong never shake the determination and goals. In order to achieve the ultimate in the quality of domestic production equipment, Mr. Lu Bing said: "Learning from foreign technologies is what we should do." New Yuhong introduced advanced production equipment from Italy, Japan and other countries to produce high precision products, Strong stability.


For several years of development, New Yuhong's technical more and more strong. Today, New Yuhong brings a large number of professionals in the design, manufacture, testing and commissioning talent, more than 170 employees work  in the processing, assembly, installation, commissioning and quality control of the equipment.

In the service-oriented, customer first principle, New Yuhong continue to move forward in the road of domestic equipment The company always insists on hiring professional managers to manage the enterprises scientifically. In addition, the technicians of the company are also organized to foreign country observe, study, study and learn foreign advanced sanitary equipment technology. At the same time, with the Zhejiang University , Zhejiang University technical institutions of science and technology personnel together to jointly research and development.

New yuhong more and more rapid development, many well-known domestic enterprises have orders to New yuhong. At the same time, the proportion of exports equipment also showed an upward trend year by year, with exports from Indonesia to Russia, South Korea, Vietnam, Egypt, Bangladesh, India, Saudi Arabia, Iran and Azerbaijan.

Due to the company's products cost-effective, quality is guaranteed, customers have been unanimously approved. Lu bin once again stressed: "The products do fine, it is the relative truth for the sustainable development of enterprises." 

Today, New Yuhong's reputation, credibility has been unobtrusively highlighted in the domestic industry. "Only by constantly innovating, sticking to the ultimate road, can promote the long-term development of the enterprise and dedicate the best products to the users." Lu Bin expounded the success of New Yuhong in one sentence.

Be brave in developing and innovating and enriching the production line"Along with the implementation of the second child policy and the social status of the aging population, the Chinese diaper market is expanding. As long as we catch the opportunity and be brave to innovate, New Yuhong will have our own reputation and brand in the market. Mr. Lu Bing said. Therefore, it is the primary task of New Yuhong to see the right chance and enrich the production line.

New Yuhong borrowed the quality management system of the former military enterprises, and continuously absorbed advanced technology from abroad, and at the same time, it also strengthened cooperation with well-known brand sanitary napkins and diaper manufacturers, so that the product structure became more and more abundant, and the performance of the equipment was more reasonable.

According to Mr. Lu Bing introduction, the company currently has more than 100 production lines are in order to produce, which are all benefited from the long time research and development work in New Yuhong. On the basis of the original single sanitary napkin equipment, we have added more than 30 kinds of equipment, including automatic high-speed sanitary napkin machine, panty liner machine, medical dressing machine, baby diaper machine, baby diaper pad machine, adult diaper machine, material laminating machine, under pad machine and so on.

Now , the equipment has high precision, stability, and the guarantee of product has become the pronoun of New Yuhong. Mr.Lu Bing said, "we need to let our customers know that we can not only produce high-performance sanitary napkin machine, but also produce high-performance diaper equipment, and do better." In addition to the rich production equipments, in the production process of the product, New Yuhong always strictly control quality, chase the excelsior in the production process of product. Mr. Lu Bing pointed out: "the company will never use inferior materials, and even the imported raw materials are very cautious to choose."

Innovation has always been the source of vitality for an enterprise's sustainable development. Mr. Lu Bing told reporters: "New Yuhong will keep original aspiration, ensure product quality, keep pace with the times, continue to innovate, and constantly inject new vitality into enterprises."

With dream, devotes to the development of an intelligent factory

With the development of the times and the progress of science and technology, automation and intelligentize have become to the trend of the development of the disposable product industry. As one of the first national industrial intelligent solutions suppliers, CSG SMART SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. has rich experience in the development of intelligent system, the overall layout of artificial intelligence. There is no doubt that the intelligent cooperation between New Yuhong and CSG is ingenious to elaborate greatest advantages of both sides. At the same time, the advanced nature and reliability of New Yuhong machine are fully displayed, and brought the intelligence into the operation of machinery under the help of CSG advantage

"The factory will carry out intelligent from the raw materials, raw materials to get off to the material warehouse access and handling, and then to the machine materials feeding." Mr. Lu Bing described to reporters the future of the New Yuhong smart factory will be presented.

At present, New Yuhong and CSG are constantly engaged in investment of human and material resources, and are committed to cooperative development of intelligent factories. Mr. Lu Bing believes that with the development of society, the cost of labor is more higher. Meanwhile, technology is also improving, the factory will become an unattended ghost factory in the future.

Although the competition is more and more intense in China disposable products market, but now, Mr. Lu Bing confidence in New Yuong future development path: "Fight inconsistency with consistency, keep the ultimate road, make the machine refined; at the same time, brave to develop and innovate, keep pace with the times. I believe that New Yuhong future will be a bright future. "

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